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T͟haţ's̨ ͡r͡ight, th̸e B̢o͟ogeỳman͞ i̛s r͜e̛al. ̨.

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“Oh, no, I understand, all right,” he teased lightly. Pitch was insanely easy to irritate, almost too easy. A few simple words could get the forgotten Guardian close to violence, though any sort of reaction from the elder made it worth it for the trickster.

Jack Frost was far too aware that Pitch just wanted to see him squirm in fear, to show his weaknesses outright. There were always going to be times when the Nightmare King would win, where he would see exactly what he wanted, but today that wasn’t going to happen. “You think you’d be able to so easily kill me, but I know you’d miss me. Yooouuu’d regret it.”

"You are misjudging the situation… How childish of you," The Nightmare King began, turning away from the brat, fingers lacing behind his back, "I’d neither miss you, nor regret it. Imposing upon me emotions I do not posses, Jack Frost, will only end poorly for you.”

This was a universal truth, a claim that could not be undone. Remorse, regret— Neither where emotions Pitch felt. If he did, it would surely force a perpetual state of it. He had, after all, sent millions of nightmares out into the world without so much as a batted lash. 

"If anything, I might get a good laugh out of it.”

Ownership & Everything Else


So far, so good. Jack Frost took in a quiet breath, releasing it through his nose after a few moments in a icy fog. It looked like Pitch was going to listen to him, for now at least. He pulled his lower lip into his mouth, chewing it lightly between his teeth. The snowy male was nervous, something that had long since disappeared from him since joining the Nightmare King. This was definitely odd…

With a small sound of displeasure, he glanced upwards to Pitch. The much taller and darker one was standing at attention, waiting with forced patience for whatever the younger was about to do. Hesitantly, a chilly hand was placed on a cloaked shoulder to balance himself as he stood on his toes, ice forming in sharp patterns around his fingers.

Well, damn. It was now or never. The dare never specified anything about the kiss except that it had to be on the lips… Jack tilted his head upwards, placing frosty lips to that of his elder in a soft peck before he returned to his previous position, flat footed on the ground.

Golden eyes danced behind closed lids, even when the urge to snap them open was great. For a moment, nothing happened. Not a stir in the air or a sound could be heard from the Winter Spirit. So the Boogeyman continued to wait, annoyance level rising when finally he heard a noise of discontent. If he’d been able to control himself, a smirk would have found its way across his face. 

The sudden cold hand pressed to his shoulder left icy frost in its wake, though hardly noted by the elder. What completely through him off was the surprisingly cold flesh of lips pressed against his own. Wild eyes immediately tried to pry open, body tensing to fight against his verbal binds. 

Just what was— Was he being kissed!? Lips pulled into an angered snarl when Jack moved away, being taken advantage of by-by—!

"—!" Silent fury rolled off Pitch in waves, directed at the only other in the all too quiet room.

Ownership & Everything Else


Jack couldn’t help just let a few more amused chuckles escape him as he righted himself, letting out a content sigh at the situation he found himself in. It wasn’t often one could command the Nightmare King without fear of consequences, or, at least, not immediate consequences.

“All right! First order of business, Pitch…” A large grin spread over pale lips. This was the perfect time to go about completing that dare that he had received earlier… “You gotta stand still and close your eyes until I say so.”

Sharp teeth ground harshly, golden eyes narrowed in anger. This brat was going to order him around after all! When everything was done and over with, Jack Frost would pay for the consequences of his actions. Severally

"—!" Pitch wanted to deny the other his request but body and mind fought against him.

Slowly, ever so slowly, dark lids shut tightly, shoulders tensing to keep posture. An almost snarl pressed silently past his lips, much too quite. He would not give Jack the satisfaction of seeing him lose his control. 

Not yet.

M!A: Hallucinations ❄ yourworstfearisme


In response to this.

Jack had been happy that Pitch decided against staying hidden in the shadows, a small glint of something flashed in those ice orbs. What it was, the Winter Spirit didn’t know, but it faded completely upon witnessing the Nightmare King’s reaction to seeing the snowy teen.

His eyes widened as the elder’s hand reached out; Jack prepared himself for what was sure to come, muscles tensing for the shadows that were going to snap out from the darkness and entangle him. But… It didn’t happen. He could see yellow hues almost glazed over, that demented smirk pull across ashen lips. Was the other… seeing things?


Almost in hesitation, Jack Frost took a step closer to the Boogeyman, the movement seemingly ignored. His own snowy lips parted, as if to speak, before his was cut off by the strange words that reached his ears.

“Ahh… Pitch. I’m not on the ground…” A dark brow rose in confusion. A sound of discontentment left him, though it was quiet. It was strange how he practically refused to make any sort of teasing comment, perhaps about Pitch becoming senile or something similar. It was the feeling tightening in his gut, words stopping in his throat that caused him to hold his thoughts back.

“Are you okay?”

When Jack did nothing in reply an irrational anger seeped into Pitch’s very core. He knew it was a hallucination, knew that eventually the scene before him would vanish, replaced by what though, he didn’t know. Very easily he could have attacked the other, no true knowledge of the deed and as the silent minutes ticked by that thought seemed to grow into reality. 

"Jack," He repeated again, teeth grinding slightly against each other, "I said, get up!”

Still nothing

Golden eyes flashed dangerously, lips curling into a snarl as shadows pushed forward again, wrapping around the limp other. Still nothing, not a struggle or a twitch and it irritated him. Why wouldn’t the hallucination end? The other was dead, that was supposed to be the end. 

Unless he hadn’t killed him quite yet… 

Twisted shadows brought the limp body closer, gripping and raising Jacks so Pitch could see his face. Icy blue eyes remained hidden behind pale lids, blued lips parted though his chest didn’t raise nor fall. A low growl escaped him and the Nightmare King reached forward, hand pressing over the others heart. 

He waited.

And waited.


A faint, almost invisible beat pressed against his hand and the smirk across his face quickly turned into a frown. So he was still hallucinating. He needed to finish this before the real Jack who had greeted him noted his odd behavior. 

"Time to die, Jack Frost.” He all but cooed, hand moving to wrap tightly around his throat.

icynightmares asked: "Blaaaaaaaaaaack jaaaaaaaaaaaaaack."

8th person gets: My character will be completely willing to do whatever your character wants him/her to do.



icynightmares asked: "That could be our name! Pfff--- Black jack! Get it?"

7th: Is allowed to torture my character for six hours, however gruesome they want or painful too. 


"You can try, Jack Frost.” 

icynightmares asked: "This is kinda fun. Black jack~"

6th person gets: Can seduce my character and they will willingly give into it. 


Pitch remained silent, refusing to dignify Jack with a reply. 

icynightmares asked: "Blaaaaack jaaaack~"

5th person get: To be married to my character for a whole week.


"Wh- No already!” 

icynightmares asked: "Black jack, again."

4th person gets: My character to propose and be married for three days. 


"Ahh," Pitch began, eyes surprisingly wide, "No.”